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Our Vision

Started in 2016 - in a pre-pandemic world - Nearpeer aims to make quality education affordable and accessible throughout Pakistan and the Middle East using technology. We believe, everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn and grow, irrespective of their paying capacity and geographical location.

Meet The Team

Our team - Nearpeer Family - consists of growth-oriented young, passionate, and dynamic people who have taken the challenge of improving education in Pakistan and the MENA region. Each one of us works tirelessly to ensure our students have control of their learning. We believe it's the student who must decide what to learn, when to learn, how to learn, how much to learn, and how fast to learn. It helps us sleep well at night knowing we have impacted, if not thousands, at least one life today!

nearpeer team


ammar ali ayub

Ammar Ali Ayub Co-founder | CEO | LUMS'16

A celebrated instructor, self-learner, and experienced Edupreneur, Ammar has a huge fan following in the student community. He started Edtech consulting for different universities at the age of 14 and understands ins and outs of Edtech in countries like Pakistan. Under his wings, Nearpeer has attained a market leadership position in the industry and has grown from 2 people to 200+ in a very short time span.

Shahrukh Swati

Shahrukh SwatiCo-founder | COO | LUMS'16

From studying in a low fee private school, a government college, and the most expensive university of Pakistan on 100% scholarship, Shahrukh has an in-depth understanding of the real-life challenges faced by the students. He is the muscle of Nearpeer, who ensures that the engine never stops.

Umair Latif

Umair LatifCo-founder | CTO | UOL'15

With a decade of technology industry experience, Umair is leading the technology at Nearpeer. Under his leadership, Nearpeer has grown into a data-driven, scalable, and sustainable Product(s) company that will always be at the forefront of providing cutting-edge tech solutions to make students' lives easier. His user-centric approach towards the product is pushing Nearpeer to promote quality education in Pakistan and MENA region.

Our Board of Advisors



LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (NIC) incubation

An idea sparked into a reality; Nearpeer's cofounders - after doing few test runs - joined LCE in Oct 2015 and nourished the young seed of creating local video courses by encouraging peers to create video content in different universities in Pakistan.

FEB - 2015

Partnership with Shopistan

Soon after the launch of MVP, Nearpeer partnered up with Shopistan - a technology company - to offer cutting-edge technology to its students.

AUG - 2016

Partnership with CANotes

Nearpeer partnered up with one of the most innovative and leading education firms from the CA industry - CANotes - and launched video courses with a complete eco-system and became the market leader in few months.

DEC - 2016

Momentum 2017 1st Runner-up

Out of 200+ startups that competed in Momentum 2017 in Karachi Pakistan, Nearpeer was granted 2nd position in the start-up ecosystem by esteemed judges of the industry. A cash prize of 700,000 PKR as prize money by now Prime Minister - Mr. Imran Khan was awarded.

FEB - 2017

Incubation at Plan9

Nearpeer got incubated at Plan9 under the IlmIdeas2 partnership. During those 6 months, Nearpeer grew to be one the most known name in the start-up ecosystem of Pakistan.

JAN - 2017

SAT Program Launched

Nearpeer launched SAT program as a tool to ensure that all of the students who were applying for LUMS on scholarship should get access to quality content without leaving their hometown. Got more than 300 enrollments in the very first batch.

JAN - 2017

Entry Test Program Launched

Soon after SAT, the next objective was to facilitate the MDCAT students in their preparation. Within the first year of the launch, Nearpeer gathered more than 12,000 enrollments and become the best online preparation program in Medical Entry Test Market.

MAR - 2018

ATX Pak Launch - UT Austin, USA

Nearpeer was selected in the ATX Pak Launch program and represented the Ed-tech domain UT Austin in 2018. Nearpeer gathered a lot of praises in the international community and got "the best start-up pitch" award in Texas.

MAR - 2018

GITR Global Pakistan Chapter Winner

Nearpeer stood first in the Global GITR (Pakistan Chapter) and represented Pakistan in Singapore. This was the first and only representation of the Pakistani EdTech startup in GITR Singapore.

MAY - 2018

CSS Program Launched

Upon gathering a lot of success in the Entry Test preparation market, Nearpeer expanded into the CSS preparation program on students' requests. It has been our stronghold since then.

OCT - 2018

Total Start-up of the year runner-up

With the aim to represent Pakistan globally, Nearpeer stood as a runner-up in Total's startup of the year competition.

JAN - 2019

ACCA Program Launched

With the success in the CA market, Nearpeer aimed to offer quality courses for the ACCA division as well. With this, Nearpeer shall be inviting international traffic as well.

JUN - 2020

Advisors onboarding

Aiming to expand globally, Nearpeer took industry leaders as its advisors and they have been helping Nearpeer in achieving its vision since then.

DEC - 2020

Pre-seed investment

Being an industry leader in ed-tech domain, Nearpeer gained the confidence of local as well as international investors and got a pre-seed round of whopping $500,000 USD.

JUN - 2021

FSC and A/O Level Programs Launched

With the team and technology ready, Nearpeer launched its most awaited programs - Fsc & A/O Levels. With all of the hard work, Nearpeer gathered 20,000+ enrollments in the first very first cohort.

MAR - 2021

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